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Saturday, May 31, 2014

Rob Zombie's 3I Teaser

Our Lord and Sinner, Rob Zombie gave us a tease of what hell is to come. The teaser sums up the last decade of his films and culminates with a clown mask. Not much information is available on 3I (31, but with roman numeral for 1). Is it a Captain Spaulding reference, is it a Halloween 3 redux? We will keep you posted.

Check out the teaser: Here

Friday, May 30, 2014

King 810 Proem Review

King 810


King 810 hails from Flint, Michigan, the self proclaimed murder capital of the United States. The band features a gangster-core, nu-metal sound with lyrics screamed by their lead David "Gunn" Swan. 

Rock on the Range:

My first experience with King 810 was on the opening day of Rock on the Range 2014. We showed up slightly late to the set, and as we were approaching the Ernie Ball stage, we heard the screamed lyrics of "Fat Around the Heart". The crowd was intense with circle pits forming.

As the music paused, you noticed masked gunmen with AK-47's on the stage. The band immediately began playing "Killem All". The gun wielding masked men starting climbing both sides of the scaffolding. Some fans realized the staged act,while others (like my wife) were looking for an escape route. 

All in all their performance was electric and really set the afternoon right.


After being signed to Roadrunner records, King 810 released the EP "Proem". After finding the band extremely entertaining, I immediately purchased the 5 track EP on my way back from Rock on the Range.

Stating it is a 5 track EP, is a bit laughable, although I do really enjoy the album. 

#1. "810" is a serious of news reports of violence throughout the city of Flint.
#2. "Killem All" has a great riff, and David's vocals are grimy and dark. A fantastic music video can be seen:
#3. "Fat Around the Heart" is my favorite track on the album. The lyrical content is very strong. This could possibly be the anthem needed to propel the band into further popularity.
"I grew up at a church on Sunday, back again, bury friends on Monday."
#4. "Desperate Lovers" is a very original track. Of all the songs on the track, this one has real guitars and real drums that you can hear. Much less "Rap Rock", and much more metal. 
#5. "Anatomy 1:1" is a wannabe freestyle in essence of Pastor Troy's "Face Off Intro" on the 2001 release of Faceoff. Unfortunately King 810's freestyle is horrible. One additional track on this EP would have made it among my favorite EP's of all time. Instead the EP has gold that ends with a sour note.


Roadrunner's gamble on King 810 may payoff. The huge reception and notoriety the band has received the last month should help their first full length album (due to be released late summer) sell. It will be interested to see if metal fans will find King 810 appealing. I for one am a fan.

Rating: 5 out of 6 Skulls 

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Zombiefest WV- Tom Savini Interview, Tyler Mane Interview, and more!

Zombiefest WV

Special Thanks to The Haunted Barn for allowing SBE to cover this amazing event!

A zombie run, famous actors, great food, and metal?!? Scary Business was invited to spend the day at Zombiefest WV outside of Charleston West Virginia last weekend. This was the inaugural event brought to the area by the Haunted Barn, and extreme haunted house in Charleston, West Virginia. Check out the Haunted Barn on facebook:

Scary Business had the opportunity to catch up with Tom Savini at Zombiefest. If you know SBE, you know that we think Tom is the best in the world when it comes to special effects, and he has acting chops too! 

D. Mack hanging out with Tom Savini

Tom let us know that he has a few films in the works and was working on a book that keeps him busy.

Scary Business also had the opportunity to catch up with Tyler Mane, the real badass, former wrestler, turned Michael Myers in Rob Zombie's renditions of Halloween. Tyler has a new film that is in production called "Penance Lane" where he will be starring and behind the camera. Tyler is a genetic freak that stands 6'9 and made our own Creepy GB (at 6'2) look like a munchkin. 

Creepy GB hanging out with Tyler Mane

Next we caught up with Tamara Glynn who played the beautiful Samantha in Halloween 5. Her sultry scene involved her getting freaky as Michael Myers performs the ultimate "cock block". Tamara Glynn is looking as good as ever, and it was a real treat talking to her about upcoming projects and getting a picture with her and new school "Michael Myers".

Tyler and Tamara Glynn

Lastly SBE had the opportunity to meet Goldie Fatale, actress, model, and producer of such gems as Horrotica. Goldie is a beautiful actress and very down to earth. Look forward to reviewing her work in the future! 
Goldie Fatale

Zombiefest had amazing music, including Bobaflex and other rock bands. We especially liked talking to The West Virginia Ghostbusters team who does charity events for children. They were awesome to talk to and we appreciate all their work. Check them out on Facebook:

Great job guys!

Although the weather was sloppy, we had a fantastic time covering the Haunted Barn's Zombiefest WV. We look forward to following the event next year! Check out our other blog posts, and our April issue of Horror and Metal Magazine!