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Monday, August 17, 2015


The Boys From Before the Mourning Released a Must Own Album for 2015! 

Listen to "The Deception", the second track released off this album! 

Review by D. Mack:

I originally saw this band touring with Butcher Babies, All Hail the Yeti, and In This Moment in Cincinnati a few years back. I was a big fan of the top three headliners for the tour, but was the most shocked when Adam Ryan and the band Before the Mourning came on stage. It isn't very often that you see the first band come out and have people going absolutely crazy. 

We've kept in touch with the guys from Before the Mourning and were honored to review their debut album "The Etherial End". The album will be released on August 21, 2015. 

Let's do a poll by a show of hands; Who likes Metal? Who likes growls? Who likes drums beating your face off? Who likes great guitar and bass? Who likes one of the top metal vocalist in the game? If you raised your hand to every question, you need to go out and order this album.

The album opens with The Deception. The Deception tells this story according to Adam Ryan: 

"Lyrically, this song is about a screwed up love triangle. It’s about all the different deceptions used by everyone involved. Mostly behind the backs of one another. It centers around a woman who is still in love with her ex, but is with a man who isn’t what he appears to be. The chorus starts off aimed at the woman, but half way through turns into a blunt statement to the deceptive boyfriend. The bridge is one final plea asking someone to help her get away from this guy before something really bad happens." 

The song is a wonderland of emotions that kicks the teeth in of the listener. 

The second track is Raised by Wolves which features the screaming aggressive verses of Adam Ryan with a great counter of melodic breakdowns and chorus. This is one fantastic tune.

The third track is Honestly which was released as a single today through Artist Direct. Although slower than the first two, the story is a heart filled metal song that compares with Killswitch Engage "The End of Heartache."

The fourth track is Another Sleepless Night which was the first track released on this album. The guys tear this song apart with great emotional lyrics, blistering drums, and great guitar and bass riffs. 

The fifth track is Continuum which is a progressive metal track that supplies a diverse array of riffs, screams, and growls. You cannot forget this track after hearing it.

The sixth track is A Devil With No Name. This track is another that shows diverse vocals and pounding drums.

The seventh track is The Black Day. I wonder if Phil's legs feel like jelly? I don't know how he does it but this is another track that he beats the shit out of the drums. 

The eighth track is No Redemption. This song reminds me of  HellYeah (especially Vinnie's drums) combined with the vocals of Corey Taylor and Randy Blythe. Great track.

The ninth track is The Hidden. This track, like many, allow you to feel the torment in Adam Ryan's mind. The torment is real, and the guitar solo towards the end is wild. 

The tenth track is Etherial End, currently my favorite track on the album (this has changed among The Deception, Raised by Wolves, No Redemption). Another progressive track with changing vocals and a great groove. The solo towards the back end of the song is brutal. Adam's "Rising" lyrics are frightful and tormented. 

The eleventh and last track on the album is Deserter. Deserter is a surprise to close the album. It reminds me of the way I heard "Snuff" for the first time on the Slipknot All Hope is Gone album. At first it feels like it doesn't belong, but the album wouldn't be the same without it. Clean and sorrowful lyrics that make you feel the sadness in the signers heart.  

Overall we give this album a perfect 6 out of 6 skulls. 

"Along with Lamb of God, Ghost, Byzantine, and Slayer, Before the Mourning has a must own album on their hands. The album is perfect front to back."

Purchase your copy on ITUNES on August 21st, 2015. 

Go See Before the Mourning touring with Fear Factory this fall! 


Friday, August 1, 2014

New Slipknot- "The Negative One"

The Negative One- Review

For six years us maggots have been waiting for a new track from our boys at Slipknot, let's just say that Corey and the guys didn't disappoint. Currently you can only listen to the track on The song hits extremely hard and should satisfy any Slipknot fan. Unfortunately there is no additional information about release dates for the new album, but let's hope it is sooner than later!

The Negative One- 5.5 out of 6 skulls
"I think I have a hard on."- D. Mack

Slasher Cast #1 Before the Mourning Interview

Slasher Cast #1- Before the Mourning Interview

Summary: Before the Mourning is one of the best things to come out of American Metal this year. This band is busting its ass to make it, and with the talent coming from these guys, they will! Check out their shows in the LA area, and listen to this interview.

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

The Crawling Dead

The Crawling Dead

Written and Directed by: Eamon Hardiman 

Special thanks to Razor Sharp Studios for allowing us to watch this film! 


Back room abortions and calamity creates a fun, less than an hour film for all gormedy fans. As a young couple tries to start their life in a new home, they find that there is something strange going on with the landlord and the basement. After family members come and visit, all hell breaks loose as the crawling dead return to teethe on the residents and guests. 


The film is low budget, but because the film is a "gormedy", it allows for the inefficiencies of this low budget film to shine. The film does start off a little slow, and the effects are full of cheese, but the film is enjoyable. The ending is fun and original. 

4 out of 6 skulls. "A fun 50 minute film with enough horror, gore, and comedy to suffice."- D. Mack

You can purchase The Crawling Dead: Amazon

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

New Before the Mourning Video

New Before the Mourning!

Our friends at Before the Mourning have released a new lyric video to their new track: "Another Sleepless Night". We've had the opportunity to hang out with Adam from Before the Mourning, and this is a band you don't want to miss. Check out that track and share with your friends! \m/

Rating: 5.5 out of 6 Skulls!
"You may not know Before the Mourning today, but you will."- D. Mack

Follow Before the Mourning on Facebook:

Deliver Us From Evil

Deliver Us From Evil

Deliver Us From Evil, the new exorcism film from one of our favorite directors: Scott Derrickson, is out in theaters today. This is one of those weeks, with the holiday falling on a Friday that you will see wide releases released in the middle of the week. If you remember our issue of Horror and Metal Magazine featuring "The Most Anticipated Horror Films of 2014", you will know that this film was ranked just behind "The Green Inferno". 

Horror and Metal Magazine has not had the opportunity to review the film. Currently it is holding at a fantastic 7.6/10 on IMDB, and a mediocre for a horror film 43 on metacritic. Personally I'm hoping this film lives up to Sinister and the Exorcism of Emily Rose. 

Support horror, go out and see it! 

Friday, June 13, 2014

Body Count- Manslaughter Review

Body Count is Back!!!! Manslaughter Review

I am not a heavy metal purist. I enjoy when bands take the element of metal and produce something that is different, yet enjoyable. Manslaughter is just that. Manslaughter takes elements of gangsta rap, heavy metal, and comedy to create an album that could be enjoyed by both metalheads and Hip Hop fans. Ice T's vocals and rhymes fit perfectly with a great supporting band. I am glad to Ernie C came back to be lead guitarist for Body Count (the only original member with Ice T). 

"Talk Shit, Get Shot", Bitch in the Pit,  "99 Problems", "Manslaughter", and "Pop Bubble" featuring Jamey Jasta from Hatebreed are the most memorable tracks. My favorite has to be 2014 Institutionalized, an ode to Suicidal Tendencies. The modernized version of Institutionalized is hilarious and fits the ST mold for the song.

Hip Hop and Metal fans need to rejoice and buy Manslaughter today! 
Rating: 5 out of 6 Skulls